International Nice Côte d'Azur Piano Competition

Simone Delbert-Février

12th competition : from 28 October  to 2 November 2019

Artistic Director: Gilbert San Pietro Di Monte Rosso

Chairman of the jury: Gabriel Tacchino

From Monday 28 to Thursday 31 October: "Young Talents" Category

candidates from 5 to 23 years old

9 levels: from Initiation  to Virtuosity and Concert Diploma

31 october awards ceremony Young Talents category

From 28 October to 2 November :

Category Young Soloist candidates less than 15 years old

Category Grand Prix candidates less than 31 years old

2 November: 2 Final tests with orchestra for category Young Talents and category Grand Prix

All stages are opened to the public and will take place  in different rooms and auditoriums of the city of Nice

If you have any question regarding the age limits or the program, please see  "Program"

Registration shall be submitted via website form or mail only, see "Registration"

Opening date of registration: 12 June 2019

Closing date of registration: 30 september 2019

The number of candidates is limited to 12 for each level of "Jeunes Talents " and each categories .

Information about the 2 categories with piano and orchestra : "Youngs Soloists" (candidates under 15), "Diplomas of and "Grand prix" (candidates under 31) : All requests or questions shall be submitted: Contact us

Selection tests (eliminations) carried out by internet.

(See later information)

The elimination tests will be carried out by broadcasting a video recording of a part of the program by the candidates wishing to submit their performance to the jury's decision before committing to expensive travel expenses and the random profile Of a selection in the first round.

The organizers reserve the right to revert to the old version of the event, in case this project encounters difficulties.


The pieces at the free choice must be of a difficulty corresponding to the level and remain at the discretion of the candidates and their pedagogues.

For all levels, the works should be played without repeat and without score, and with the tempo of the editor.

"Jeunes Talents" category

Level Initiation

Level  Initiation  (candidates born in 2012 and after)

Level Debutants  (candidates born in 2011 and after)

For the three levels, the piece, chosen by the candidate, should not exceed 2 minutes.

From Debutants  to Elementary  levels, a piece of J.S.Bach and a piece chosen by the candidate.

Level Debutants  (candidates born in 2010 and after): between 3 and 4 minutes

Level Preparatoire  (cand.born in 2008 and after): between 4 and 5 minutes

Level Elementaire (cand.born in 2006 and after): between 5 to 6 minutes

Level Moyen  (cand.born in 2004 and after)

A piece of J.S Bach, a classical or romantic piece and a piece of a composer of the 20th century or who died in the 20th century.

Between 11 to 14 minutes

Level Superieur (cand.born in 2002 and after)

A major piece of J.S.Bach, a classical work ( either complete or just one quick Sonata movement), one or two romantic pieces, and one or two works of a  20th century composer or who  died in the 20 th.century. . Duration: between 14 and 19 minutes.

Level Virtuosité (cand. born in 2000 and after)

 A major piece of J.S.Bach, an Etude in virtuosity including S.Liapounov or  M.Moszkowsky or F.Chopin or F. Liszt or A. Casella. A complete classical Sonata, one or two romantic pieces, and a major work of Debussy, except his Preludes,or of Ravel, or one or two pieces of a composer who died in the 20 th century.

Between 19 to 25 minutes

 "Diplôme de Concert" category        

ATTENTION : Selective proff by internet (see section "NEW")

Level Diplôme de Concert (candidates born in 1996 and after)

• 1st solo piano test: A completely free program that balances technical virtuosity with romantic sensitivity, on the one hand, and a mix of composers of different nationalities and epochs. Contemporary works are accepted provided that the candidates provide two copies of the score to the members of the jury. Duration: between 28 and 40 minutes.

Caution: Avoid works that are too long to insert enough composers into the program. Only one sonata movement is accepted.

• 2. Final test with orchestra

A first movement of concerto among:

• Beethoven Concerto No. 3 or No. 5

• Chopin's concerto no. 2 (fa minor)

• concerto n ° 2 of Saint-Saëns

• the Schumann Concerto

"Jeunes Solistes" category (candidates born in 2004 and after)

ATTENTION : Selective proff by internet (see section "NEW")

1. Qualifying test in solo (12 to 15 minutes).

 A work by JS Bach, a work of the classical period (or a single rapid sonata movement), a work of a romantic composer and / or a work of a composer of the 20th century or having disappeared in the 20th century.

Duration: between 12 and 15 minutes.

2. Final test with orchestra.

Candidates choose from:

• Bach Concert in D minor BWV 1052, 1st movement only.

• Bach Concerto in F minor BWV 1056, in full

• Haydn Concerto in D major, 1st movement only.

"Grand Prix" category (candidates born in 1988 and after)

ATTENTION : Selective proff by internet (see section "NEW")

1. 1st and 2nd qualifying test in piano solo

• Fully free program with a balance of technical virtuosity and romantic sensitivity.

• Diversify composers of different nationalities and eras.

• Total time: between 50 and 60 minutes.

 2. Performance with orchestra

A concerto among:

• Beethoven Concerto No. 3 or No. 5

• Chopin's concerto no. 2 (fa minor)

• concerto n ° 2 of Saint-Saëns

• the Schumann Concerto


The Nice Côte d'Azur International Simone Delbert Fevrier Piano Competition is opened to all pianists of any nationality. The age limits , depending on the categories are specified in the rubric "Program".

Every stages of the competition are held in public.

The jury's decisions are not subject to any appeal. The jury is the only competent decision-making body regarding awards.

Members of the jury cannot take part in the vote if the competitor is one of their students.

In case of a draw during the competition, the Foreman of the jury's vote counts twice.

Entering the competition by registering means acceptance of the Regulation.

Registration fees according to categories are listed under the heading " Inscription"

Registration fees are not refunded in case of abandonment of the candidate.

Traveling and accomodation are to be borne by the candidates. See rubric "Hebergement-Accomodation"

Candidates are asked to inform the secretariat in case of non-attendance.

Every recording made during the competition (sound and images), is the property of the Nice Côte d'Azur Competition. Entering the competition by registering, means acceptance of this rule.

Exceptional case:

In case of absolute necessity, organizers reserve the right to cancel one of the tests or the whole competition.In that case, candidates will be refunded.

"Jeunes Solistes " and " Grand prix" candidates are informed that if the final test with orchestra, has to be postponed for serious reasons beyond organizer' s control, the ticket back for the "finale" should be borne by the candidates.

Candidats categorys with orchestra are advised that if for serious reasons beyond the control of the organizers, the orchestra could not participate, the final test with the concertos would proceed with a second piano accompaniment.

Applicants are advised that the rewards are subject to actual payment from patrons it is incurred. In the case of a failure, partial or total, staffing awards, the organizers can not be held responsible and reserves the right to change the amount and distribution.

In case of dispute over the rules, only the French version of the Regulation shall be valid.

Jury - Prizes


Category GRAND PRIX :

The winner will be awarded the sum of

€ 2000 and various gifts will also be awarded the 2nd and 3rd laureate.

A possible concert engagement is under rewiew and will be awarded to the winner if it is confirmed

Category Concert Diploma :

The winner will be awarded the sum of

€ 1000 and various gifts will also be awarded the 2nd and 3rd laureate.

A possible concert engagement is under rewiew and will be awarded to the winner if it is confirmed


The winner will be awarded the sum of

€ 750 and various gifts will also be awarded the 2nd and 3rd laureate.

A possible concert engagement is under rewiew and will be awarded to the winner if it is confirmed

Young Talents Category :

Cups, diplomas, and varius gifts rewards the winner of each

Applicants are informed that the awards are subjec to their actual holding by sponsors.

3 Juries are necessary for the conduct of four different categories.

Non-exhaustive list in progress and subject to change


France :

Gabriel Tacchino

Françoise Chaffiaud

Stphanos Thomopoulos

Antoine Bouvy

Marilyse Lanoë


Armelle Benziane


Cristiana Lazar


Gabriella Paluch-Dutka


Xu ning

Wu pingli


Yuri Maeda


Princesse Caroline Murat-Hafner


Tamara Kordzadze


Princesse Maka Dadiani

Angleterre / Australie

Dee Penicaud


 Reminder: Registration for the 11h edition of the International Piano Competition of Nice Côte d'Azur, is open from 12 march 2018

Registration deadlines : September 15, 2019

Registration is only effective upon receipt of payment of registration fees.

registration fee according to the categories and levels:



Initiation             45€

Debutant  54€

Préparatoire 60€

Élémentaire 66€

Moyen 75€

Supérieur 85€

Virtuosité 95€



CATEGORY GRAND PRIX             130€

The registration process will be final and your registration will taken into account only when the payment is received.

Registration fees to be paid:

 • Or by check payable to the Association Piano Porta Caeli.

• Or by bank transfer to the order of the association Piano Porta Caeli. IBAN FR76 3000 3009 7600 0500 1926 594. International bank identifier (BIC) SOGEFRPP

Registration will be validated upon receipt of payment.

 To register :

Avoid as much as possible the PDF format which does not allow to be processed by copy / paste.

Copy the form below in WORD format and send it by mail always in WORD format to cipnca@gmail.com

Or by post (less desired by the secretariat) to the following address:

Nice Conservatory / Nice International Piano Competition

127 Avenue de Brancolar 06 364 NICE (FRANCE)

For a second application, complete a second application.

The application for registration is made after having read and accepted the full contest rules.

The payment by bank check or by bank transfer of the registration fees is a signature.

Candidate Name :

First name (s) :

Category :

Young talents

Young Soloists

Concert Diploma

Grand Prix

Piano 4 Hands

Degree in the category (level) Young Talents :

Initiation - Beginner - Preparatory - Elementary - Medium - Superior - Virtuosity.


Gender - M or F

E-mail :

Name of parent or guardian responsible if the applicant is a minor :

Address :

 Postal code :

City :

Country :

Phone :

Name of lecturer :

Teacher's Email (optional) :

Method of payment : Check or Wire Transfer

 How did you hear about the contest?

  "The candidate accepts the conditions of the contest rules and the decisions of the jury": yes / no

 Signature of the candidate or the person in charge In case of difficulty for the signature, the payment is worth signature.

Selected program.                            

Works  and durations

Partners - Accomodation


6 rue Sacha Guitry

06000 Nice (France)

Tél: +33 493 161 345

Mobile: +33 638 339 455

E-mail : beach@villahostels.com

Site Web :


It is advisable to candidates and contest participants to inform the Hotel reception of their involvment in the competition

Association Piano Porta Caeli

 The Piano Association Porta Caeli, organizer of the contest:

The association "Piano Porta Caeli" was born in 2011 to replace the dissolved association "International Piano Competition Nice Côte d'Azur". Established in Nice, 2 rue Alberti, it is governed by the law of 1 July 1901.

Composed exclusively of volunteer members, it aims to honor the memory of the late piano teacher at the Conservatoire de Nice Simone Delbert-Février, in particular by programming and organizing each year the "International Piano Competition Nice Côte d'Azur" and By promoting the winners of this contest.

 More broadly, the Piano Porta Caeli association has also set itself the goal of promoting music in all its forms, including in complementarity with all other arts. It may thus be called upon to promote, create, organize and broadcast multidisciplinary musical performances. Its Chairman-in-Office is Gilbert Rosso.

Among the members of the Advisory Council were Maître Gabriel Tacchino, also President of the Jury, Maître Stephanos Thomopoulos (Greek Concertte professor at the CNRR in Nice), Ms Marie Laurence Cren (holder of 2 bachelor's degrees from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris ), As well as other eminent teachers and personalities of the musical world.

Among Honorary members, the sponsors and sponsors who supported and supported the competition, Mr. Thierry Muller, current director of the Nice Conservatory, André Peyrègne (former Director of the CNRR in Nice and President of the Conservatories of France), her Highness the Princess Caroline Murat-Hafner and her Highness Princess Maka Dadiani, Philippe Bianconi, Marie-Josèphe Jude, professor at the CNSM in Paris, Nathalie Lanoë, professor at the CRR in Marseille, .... the list is not exhaustive ....


Contact :

Email: cipnca@gmail.com


Gilbert San Pietro di Monte Rosso

Such. : + 33 (0) 6 61 21 23 95



International Piano Competition Nice Côte d'Azur

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